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March 24, 2017

Urgent logistics specialist and Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary time:matters has launched airmates, a software-based platform which digitizes its on-board courier services.


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According to time:matters, airmates allows customers to input their shipment details and receive a complete quote in under a minute. They can then proceed to make an immediate online booking.


At the same time, suitable couriers are identified from the airmates database in real time. The right couriers are pinpointed and informed about the order through a specially developed app. They can then accept the mission within the app and pick up the consignment directly from the customer. time:matters remains in constant contact with the courier through the app and can keep the customer updated.


“Having goods transported personally is an especially popular option for particularly urgent or sensitive shipments,” said Franz-Joseph Miller, CEO of time:matters. “These often involve critical situations such as a grounded aircraft, equipment failure or assembly line stoppage, when every minute counts. By digitizing the business model on time:matters airmates, we can work far more efficiently and extend our global reach. This allows us to offer customers maximum speed with the greatest reliability and best price. This is the kind of innovation that sets us apart at time:matters.”


time:matters currently offers a network of more than 1,000 couriers in 46 countries, and plans to have certified couriers in 300 locations worldwide by mid-2017. All of them will have undergone security screening, social referencing and the appropriate training.


A performance system with an additional quality feature is being planned to further improve the selection of the right courier, according to time:matters.

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