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October 8, 2018

Skylog, a German subsidiary of GSSA ECS Group, has appointed Boris Blagojevic-Lee as its new general manager.


Self Photos / Files - Boris Blagojevic-Lee

Skylog is based in Frankfurt and has been set up as an exclusive business unit to serve IAG Cargo.


“The recruitment of Boris Blagojevic-Lee is an excellent opportunity to Skylog and to ECS because he knows very well all the aspects of our industry,” said Adrien Thominet, CEO of ECS Group. “Furthermore, he matches exactly to ECS recruitment’s spirit: having talented people forward-looking.”


Blagojevic-Lee joined the industry as a handler at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport before being made responsible for billing, cargospot administration, traffic rights and sales in the Americas at Air Cargo Germany. He then took up a commercial role at Qatar Airways and was responsible for cargo in the European region. He was most recently director of global sales at Leisure Cargo.

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