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January 27, 2020

As part of measures of the Singapore government to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has announced that it has implemented temperature screening at all sea checkpoints starting January 24. 


In a statement, MPA said the temperature screening at sea checkpoints will include ferry and cruise terminals, PSA Terminals and Jurong Port.


Travellers and ship crew arriving at sea checkpoints will undergo temperature screening conducted by on-site healthcare assistants and suspected cases will be referred to the hospitals for further assessment.


"MPA has put up health advisories at the sea checkpoints to advise travellers and ship crew on the precautionary measures to take when travelling, as well as to remain vigilant and adopt good hygiene practices at all times," it added.


A new coronavirus — related to SARS and MERS  which originated from Chinese city Wuhan, has caused global alarm recently with the death toll rising and the number of people affected worldwide continue to increase.


This has prompted tighter health screening in airports, limited travel to and from China and the central Chinese government also locking down at least 15 cities in the mainland.

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