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July 9, 2020

Zim is set to launch a new dedicated service during the month of June to connect South China and Los Angeles.


The new service will be named the Sprinter service, and will be specifically designed to cater for the increasing needs of the e-commerce customer sector, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis, as well as the need for an airfreight service that will include the ability to combine and provide a fast sea freight and air freight solution.


The new service will be known as the Zim eCommerce Xpress (ZEX) service, and will offer a port coverage of Da Chan Bay, Yantian, Los Angeles and Da Chan Bay.

Transit times eastbound will include 12 days from Yantian to Los Angeles.


Deployment will consist of five Sprinter class vessels in the 2,800/3,800 TEU capacity range, with the first sailing scheduled to be made the 3,800 TEU Melina on June 22 from Da Chan Bay.


The Zim eCommerce Xpress (ZEX) service also provides fast rail connections to destinations including, Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Kansas City and New York.

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