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July 9, 2020
Yang Ming 2,800 TEU

Members of THE Alliance — Hapag-Lloyd, Ocean Network Express, Yang Ming and Hyundai Merchant Marine — have announced service adjustments in August to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global shipping market.


The revised schedules will impact Asia - North Europe; Asia - Mediterranean, Transpacific - West Coast; Transpacific - East Coast (via Panama and Suez Canals); Asia - Middle East; and also its Transatlantic services.


THE Alliance said in a statement that it will maintain current 4 loops - FP1/FP2/FE2/FE3 weekly sailings with FE4 to be temporarily suspended.


Week 32 and 35 of its MD1 services will be voided. MD2 will also be voided on week 34. 


THE Alliance also said it is voiding Week 33 of its PS3, PN3, and PN4 Transpacific - West Coast schedule, as well as PS5 on Week 34. On Week 35, the shippers will also void PS3, PN3 and PN4.


Its Transpacific - East Coast (via Panama and Suez Canals) EC3 sailing will also continue to be merged with EC1 except for week 33.


For Asia - Middle East, it said on Week 32 AG2 will be voided while AG1 will remain merged with AG3.


Meanwhile, the AL4 and AL1 Transatlantic service of THE Alliance will also be voided on Week 32 and Week 33 respectively.


"THE Alliance will continue to closely monitor the market situation and respond efficiently by restructuring their service scheme to meet market demand," it added.


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