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February 24, 2021

The CMA CGM Group announced that its new specialist air freight division, CMA CGM AIR CARGO, is to begin operations starting March 8 with the first Airbus A330-200F cargo flight between Liege and Chicago.


In a statement, CMA CGM said CMA CGM AIR CARGO’s first Airbus A330-200F will begin regular commercial operations from Liege, Belgium, to Chicago and will be joined on March 16 by a second Airbus A330-200F that will also serve the US market, doubling the total offered capacity.


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CMA CGM said it has also chosen Air Belgium and Liege airport as the strategic base for its air freight division.


"CMA CGM AIR CARGO will rely on the expertise of Air Belgium to operate the aircraft in its fleet. This dynamic airline has a recognized air freight transportation team," it said in a statement.


CMA CGM’s Airbus A330-200Fs will be based at Liege, one of Europe’s busiest freight hubs, strategically located in the heart of a large population centre and benefiting from a number of intermodal transportation options: air, shipping, road and rail.


Meanwhile, the CMA CGM Group has also decided to rely on the expertise of two European companies to market its services and operate its aircraft.


ECS Group, a leading GSA, will be in charge of marketing CMA CGM AIR CARGO’s services and its subsidiary CEVA Logistics will develop a blocked space agreement onboard its aircraft.


“The launch of CMA CGM AIR CARGO represents a significant event in developing a comprehensive range of logistics services for the CMA CGM Group’s clients. These initial destinations in the United States demonstrate our desire to offer our clients international coverage, serving the biggest freight airports in the heart of major economic areas,” said Xavier Eiglier, Director of CMA CGM AIR CARGO.

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