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February 23, 2023

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., said it has officially launched its One-Stop Logistics Service in Hong Kong for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). 


FedEx said with a designated system that enhances efficiency and transparency, this value-added service can be applied on top of any FedEx current service to provide Hong Kong businesses a one-stop FedEx solution based on their budget.


The solution-oriented service also addresses SMEs' pain points with effective cost control in the booming e-commerce market.


According to FedEx's latest e-commerce report, long delivery lead-times emerged as consumers' biggest pain point (46%) in Hong Kong.


The majority (67%) of online orders typically take three days or more to arrive, which is longer than what most consumers would prefer.


It added that SMEs tend to overestimate delivery times, with 43% of them thinking their online deliveries will reach customers within two days or less.


Along with the lengthy lead-time, returning products (31%) and finding products online (29%) are also major consumer pain points.


"The One-Stop Logistics Service integrates FedEx market-driven services with flexible value-added solutions, ranging from shipping documentation preparation, cargo loading/unloading, inventory management to domestic delivery," FedEx said.


To meet customers' special needs, FedEx can provide additional offerings, which include cross docking, standard or customized packing, palletization/de-palletization and labelling.


Through a series of services, FedEx noted that it helps ensure a hassle-free logistics process for businesses by providing them with reliable and tailor-made solutions at a competitive price.


Cross-border e-commerce growth


"As cross-border e-commerce continues to grow, local SMEs face challenges in logistic and inventory management when expanding their business to overseas markets," said Anthony Leung, managing director FedEx Express Hong Kong and Macau.


"The tailor-made FedEx One-Stop Logistics Service provides a smooth and convenient end-to-end logistics process, helping our local businesses, especially SMEs and start-ups, increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace by freeing them up to focus on growth."


In addition, FedEx said it has recently launched several new services in Hong Kong to strengthen its last mile delivery.


FedEx has expanded its self-collection network to cover more than 600 locations in convenience stories and lockers across Hong Kong.  It has also integrated WhatsApp delivery notification to FedEx Delivery Manager International (FDMi) as well as launched the Picture Proof of Delivery service for express residential deliveries.

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