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February 24, 2023

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company, Skyports, is expanding its presence in Korea through a new joint venture (JV). 


Skyports said the new JV is between its drone services business and Korean drone technology company Marine Drone Tech (MDT).


Named Skyports Drone Services Korea, the JV Co will be dedicated to delivering tailored drone solutions that address connectivity, productivity, and safety.


"With a growing demand for innovative technologies in the country, Skyports Drone Services Korea is poised to meet the needs of the market and bring its expertise to the forefront of the drone industry," it said in the announcement.


In line with Skyports' expansion plans, local branch offices have also been set up in Busan and Yeosu to better serve its on-ground partners and customers in both AAM infrastructure and drone services segments.


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 Source: Skyports Drone Services


"Korea is a market that is well-known for its forward-thinking and innovative technology ecosystem. Our partnership with MDT brings together two market leaders and will see us rapidly scale up drone operations across Korea," said Alex Brown, director for Skyports Drone Services.


"Expanding on our work in Singapore, our focus will be ship-to-shore operations in the maritime sector. We will be bringing the best of our global offering across delivery and monitoring drone services to Korea, improving transport service levels, reducing costs and ultimately improving lives for communities all around Korea," he added.


Hwang Eui-Cheol, chief executive of Marine Drone Tech, for his part also welcomed the partnership with Skyports, which he said will allow both firms to offer a "complete solution" that will address a broad range of challenges in multiple industries.


"Our complementary expertise makes Skyports Drone Services Korea a formidable force, and we are excited to work together to bring cutting-edge drone solutions to our home market," Hwang Eui-Cheol added.


Focus on ship-to-shore deliveries


Skyports said the JV's immediate agenda is the setup of operations in Yeosu and Busan, with a primary focus on maritime ship-to-shore deliveries.


 In 2022, Skyports Drone Services made its first foray into the market, having executed a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) for cross-island drone deliveries conducted Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).


The opening of Skyports' Korea office follows the establishment of its Japan office in October 2022, as the company expands its presence across the Asia-Pacific region.


The move comes after the steady progress of the past year in extending the company's AAM infrastructure projects and drone delivery operations with local partners, businesses, and regulators.

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