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September 18, 2023

Industrial actions involving Luxembourg flag carrier cargo airline Cargolux have ended after the airline and workers reached an agreement related to pay disputes.


Cargolux said in a statement on Saturday that it had reached a deal with the LCGB and OGBL unions ending over two days of labour dispute which led to numerous flight cancellations.


"Cargolux, LCGB and OGBL are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached for the basis of a new CWA between all parties, including the four blocking points regarding a salary increase envelop of 5.5%," Cargolux said in a statement.


The deal will commence on September 1, 2023, until August 31, 2027.


It also included a revised salary scale for maintenance technical staff, an indexation protection and the company's policy regarding working from home.


Strike actions end


"Following this, the strike will cease with immediate effect and all striking CWA employees will return to work," Cargolux said.


It added that the negotiations were conducted in the presence of the President & CEO of Cargolux, the National President of LCGB and the President of OGBL.


"This sets the future of an enhanced social dialogue between Cargolux and the unions, taking into account the requirements of all parties," the cargo carrier said.


"Cargolux remains a key pillar of the logistics industry in Luxembourg and the commitment of all parties is aimed at ensuring that this continues," it added.


 Cargolux employees started their strike action at Findel Airport on September 14.


The strike action — which is said to involve 120 mechanics and a "large majority" of the firm's 630 pilots, reportedly caused several aircraft to be stranded on the tarmac at airports in Houston, Baku, Chicago, and Dubai.


The primary issue revolves around wage adjustments after 18 months of unsuccessful negotiations between Cargolux's management and trade unions aimed at creating a new collective agreement.


The unions had requested a 6% salary increase for the duration of a new CWA, along with other demands. They argued that the 4% pay raise offered by the airline is insufficient, especially in light of the company's excellent financial performance in recent years and the current rate of inflation.

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