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February 14, 2024

Emirates Delivers, the e-commerce delivery solution from Emirates SkyCargo, has launched a new route, connecting Kuwait with UAE based-brands.


In the announcement, the firm said now, Kuwaiti shoppers can shop online from websites in the UAE, the UK and the US with fast, reliable, and cost-effective international shipping via Emirates Delivers.


Kuwaiti shoppers can fill their online baskets, and Emirates Delivers will bring the items from the UAE in just 3 to 5 days. 


Upon signing up to Emirates Delivers, shoppers are given a unique shipping address in the UAE, UK and US, available in 'My Suite'. This allows users to immediately start shopping online, and have their items delivered to the Emirates Delivers facility. 


Once the items arrive at the Emirates Delivers facility, agents will review purchases to ensure they arrived undamaged and upload photos of the items before repacking to ensure proper wrapping and protection for international delivery.


With free storage of up to 30 days, Emirates Delivers allows customers to combine items from different retailers and vendors and consolidate their purchases into one package to further reduce the already-competitive shipping costs. 


Using 'My Suite', customers can then confirm shipping, with full tracking visibility from the time the items are received at the facility through to delivery of the package at their door.


Emirates Delivers first launched in the UAE in 2019 before expanding operations to Kuwait in 2023.

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